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  Desktop Images - Visual Training for the Digital Arts

New Releases
LightWave 9 Defined
An Introduction to
Technical Direction & Dynamics
with LightWave 3D ®
LightWave 9 Defined

Discover the impressive new features of LightWave 9 while learning with step-by-step projects. Explore how to use Special Effects, Motion Graphics, Technical Animation and more.

Introduction to Poser

Master the powerful features of Poser's interactive 3D figure design capabilities, Apply clothing, hair, props and more. Create character animation that's fast and easy.

Visual FX DVDs

Discover powerful concepts and procedures to achieve technically accurate and visually stunning digital imagery. Tips and techniques that will save you time and provide practical insight into the power of LightWave 3D.

Hot Topics
Avid® Editing
with Xpress Pro & Xpress DV
Visual Effects Series
with LightWave 3D ® & Combustion ®
Motion Graphics
with LightWave 3D ® Series
Avid® Editing Series

Save time & money with this self paced, real time, Avid ® visual training series. Quickly master the essential skills of editing with Xpress Pro & Xpress DV.

Visual FX DVDs

Seamlessly integrate computer generated 3D elements with live action footage. Proven production tips and tricks that will save you time and deliver stunning visual imagery.

Motion Graphics Series DVDs

Create dazzling animated motion graphics in LightWave 3D®. Discover professional modeling & animation techniques that save you time and provide the ultimate creative control of your logo creation.

The Motion Graphics
Problem Solver
Digital Retouch
& Restoration Series

for Photoshop ® 7
Texturing for Games
with Adobe Photoshop ®
VideoSyncrasies on DVD!

Valuable concepts & insight that save you time, money, & frustration.
Discover why VideoSyncrasies is "The Money DVD! Over 4 hours of instruction. Plus all new sections on Anamorphic Widescreen and Luminance Interpretation.

Training for Photoshop

Restore damaged & faded photographic images, Color Correction, Exposure Enhancement, Scratch Repair, Perspective Correction, Wire Removal, Facial & Body Toning, Wrinkle Reduction, Glamour Techniques & more!

Photoshop Texturing DVDs

Create perfect textures. Build tiling image sets for use in 3D applications, video game development, desktop backgrounds or anytime you need high quality custom textures.

Character Modeling
& Animation

with LightWave 3D ®
Learning HyperVoxels
with LightWave ® 7.5
LightWave® 7.5
Complete 10 Part Series

Character Animation DVDs

Complete series offers an "artist study" of the process of character animation. Step-by-step detail provides a thorough presentation of essential concepts and techniques.

New HyperVoxels Tapes!

Add powerful volumetric effects to your LightWave animations. Learn setup procedures, lighting techniques, time saving rendering tips. Create Explosive effects. Liquid streams, Smoke trails, compound explosions, meteor showers and more.

LightWave Training on Interactive DVDs!

Learn LightWave 3D fast & easy. Master the skills of Modeling, Surfacing, Animation & Rendering. Superior picture quality, Interactive Menus, Content Files, Computer & TV Viewing, fast index access & subtitled!

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